Our Group & Teams

Our Group

Our group Molecular Genetics consists of four research units. Nadine Saul leads our C. elegans / healthy aging team. Hannes Ruwe and his folks are interested in plant PPR proteins and their role in the regulation of chloroplast RNA stability and translation. Arne Hillebrand and his small gang try to unravel the role of a novel family of helical repeat proteins in the malaria pathogen. And finally, a dedicated group of plant biologists under the guidance of Julia Legen are trying to wrestle the secrets from a mysterious family of chloroplast RRM proteins.


Team CSL

Christian Schmitz-Linneweber, PhD

Team Leader

Office: Rm. 1209
Phone: +49(0)30-2093-49700
E-mail: christian.schmitz-linneweber[at]rz.hu-berlin.de